Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Education is a major part of every child’s life. I feel that it is a way to help them grow and to expand their minds to the vast array of information for them to take learn. As an educator it is ones duty to give all of the tools that the child needs to succeed in their life. It is also our duty to continue to learn more, so that we can keep giving to our future students. Educators should also be able to have major impact the student’s life and be there for the students. The last big part of education is that if it is made interesting and the teacher knows, loves what they are teaching the students will learn a lot more.
As an educator I will be able to touch and mold the minds of many students. I feel like this is a great opportunity to give them what they want to learn, and also what they should learn. Students should be learning Math, English, Science, History, while also learning how to interact, communicate, and other basic life skills to help them in all aspects of life.
In order for educators to help mold our future students we need to stay current with everything that is going on in the world. We need to be up to date with everything that the students are doing and getting into inside and outside of school. If we just think that once we are done with learning after graduation, then we are not doing our jobs. This is not good for multiple reasons it puts both the teacher and the learners at risk of either termination or injury.
Educators should also be able to not just teach the students but be able to help the student’s in any way that they need. The educator should be able to just make the students feel comfortable coming to the educator with problems with homework, school, home, or just life problems. If it is a friend when they are in need, a resource to help with a problem anything they should be there for the student.
With learning about the new technologies, equipment, content and games we can also show our students that we know what we are teaching them. This will make the lesson more interesting to them causing them to being willing to pay more attention and retain more information. With showing your enthusiasm in whatever the educator is teaching the students will feed off of it and enjoy that lesson more.

Physical Education

            Physical Education is just more than the core sports that are linked to physical education. It is a place where students can learn to improve their overall physical being and use the skills to continue to an active and healthy lifestyle. I feel that the major parts of physical education are to give the information needed for basic movement skills and life time activities. Physical education is also to give the students the information on nutrition and lifetime physical fitness and why it is needed.  Physical education will also show the students the different ways that they can continue lifetime physical fitness outside of the physical education in school.
            The basic movement skills are the foundations for anything that the students will learn. If they do not understand or cannot perform the basic moves they cannot use them to be active. So once the basic movements are learned the students then should be taught as many lifetime activities as they can in their physical education classes throughout their entire time in school.
            The students then should be able to understand why these lifetime activities and fitness is vital to having a long and healthy life. They should also be able to not only have the information for the physical activities but also the nutrition aspect of a healthy life style. If they have the different resources for nutrition and physical fitness they can continue to do this throughout their lives, and transfer it on to their children.
            With the information that is given in the physical education setting about the activities it is useless unless the students can do those activities outside of school. So giving the information to the students about facilities, opportunities, and where to get equipment gives them a better chance at having that physically active lifestyle.

            Athletics is a place for students to increase their skills to a proficient level and use them in contests. It also allows for students to build upon their character from the experiences that they go through with their team. Coaching allows student athletes to learn more than just more specific skills but allows them to build leadership skills, learn about teamwork, and the value of hard work. The biggest part I feel is hard work no matter the size or capability of that athlete. With hard work it will always pay off in the end.
            Before the leader can emerge out of your team there has to be trust, friendship, cooperation, perseverance, and enthusiasm within the team. Once all of these are achieved then the players will start to have teamwork. This will create bonds between your players that will not only be on the playing field but off as well. The athletes will also learn to interact with different types of people and succeed with them. It will teach the athletes how to work together to complete a goal that is mutual between all of them. These can be transferred into situations later on in their lives like a workplace, family, or their group of friends.
            Athletics will also help the players build leadership skills by giving all of the athletes the chance to step up when they are needed and take control of a situation. It doesn’t have to be the most talented it could be that one that always motivates the team when they are down. It can be the one that helps the team calm down when getting frustrated. As you see these players you can help mold them into better people and players of the game.
            The next part is the biggest and most important part of coaching which is hard work. Hard work can show the players that anything can be achieved not only just on the playing field but off it as well. The harder that they work on their studies they can use those studies to get better at strategies or skills in their sport. With a situation where the player is not strong if the hard work is put in those skills can be increased. If it is that you are too small for something they can put the hard work in to use the size to their advantage.

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