Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 The Salsa Travel
 The class is moving as one! Yay

I felt really good after I did this lab because of the work that I put into getting ready for it. But after watching the movie there are so many things that I wanted to say but didn't. I wanted to list the different kinds of Dances used in Zumba also I wanted to say how it was made. It was actually made by mistake by a aerobics instructor that forgot the music and had to use the salsa music out of his car. He then started to use the music more in his classes and in 1999 brought it to the US where two entrepreneurs told him of their idea to make a workout plan and DVD for it. Another thing I forgot to put my watch on I had it, but it was in my backpack. I also rushed the lesson for the reason I didn't have my watch. Also at the end i actually started counting the steps with them from 10 down to 1. I also want to try to get the class to move to the beat of the songs a little better. Another thing that I need to remember to do is break my habit of just saying "alright" for my CFU and actually ask what the class is suppose to be doing. But on a positive note I have been looking for Zumba classes in Oneonta to take during the summer so I can add on to my lesson plan and try to implement this into my Student teaching if I can.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Push Up and Mule Kick in a Jump rope?

There are a few things that I need to work on for Lab C. First I need to make sure not to say the wrong information about Jack Lalanne's push up record. I miss spoke and said 133 and its suppose to be 1033. Jack Lalanne records  Also my time management is poor I spent to much time on giving information. Also I need to give more congruent feedback to more students so that it reinforces my ques of the skills being taught. Also I should have at the end have them try the push up and mule kick by themselves with a single jump rope
Time Coding

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Technical Difficulty with the Wing Ding

There are two big faults in this lesson. One of them was being able to get the music working correctly and the other was the big slip up where I lost my train of thought explaining the skill to the class. What I want to work on for lab B2 is to either turn the volume down on the iPod or increase my voice so that the class can hear me better. I also would like to have students that find a way to make the task easier have them demonstrate it for the whole class.

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