Sunday, December 11, 2011

356 Reflections

            Today was the first day where we got to meet our students for the first time. The two students I have are Adrianna and Matt they are both 8 years old. Both of them look to be very fit and somewhat capable to do many different things. Today was a day where we got to learn about what they like to do and what they like. Adrianna has both her sister and brother in the program as well. Matt is a only child and loves the smurfs and can talk for hours about them. 

Today I administered the TGMD-2 locomotor part to both Adrianna and Matt. Adrianna scored very well on every part of the TGMD-2. She is a very skilled student. Matt did alright on his skills the ones that will need improving will be his gallop, hop, and slide. During this lesson I noticed that the tasks seemed easy for Adrianna to the point where she was bored. Next time I think instead of just having them perform the task I will try and incorporate them in to a game but still have the TGMD-2 standard distances.

            Today I administered the Object control part of the TGMD-2 to both Adrianna and Matt. Adrianna once again scored very high on this part of the test. The only little thing that she could work on would be her follow through on her overhand throw. Matt did a lot better on this part of the test, but one of his really weak points is his ability to catch an object. So for the future lessons I will try and improve his skills in throwing and also challenge Adrianna to help her improve.

            Today I tried to incorporate the wheel chairs into the lesson of dribbling a basket ball because I wanted to test to see how they reacted to being able to use the wheel chairs. But with this lesson it just became me trying to get them to do the activity instead of just wheeling around. I think that with this lesson it shows me that the wheel chairs could be use more as a reward for doing the activities in the lesson.

            So today I incorporated the game Socci into my lesson of throwing and catching. Both of the students really liked the new game that I showed them. I also like it because they got to get multiple reps of throwing the balls over hand to the Socci goals. I then made it so that they had to move farther away to increase their arm strength. The next game that I had for them was clean up your back yard which has them just once again getting multiple reps of throwing but with Matt I had him try to catch the balls that I was throwing onto his side. When I threw balls towards him he would turn away from them with a small fear of them hitting him.

            Today was a Halloween theme so I brought into class a cut out skull and pumpkin for the activities that I had planned. During this lab I also brought in stickers for them when they completed a task correctly and with great effort. While we were doing our warm up of task cards it was hard because Matt was more worried about what was on the boards. So what I did was told him that if we could finish our warm up we could get to the games that had the boards in them. During this lesson I really focus on Matt’s stepping in opposition with his throwing. With Adrianna I made her task to aim for just the left eye then switch it to the right but she had to make 5 in first before going to the right eye. With the putting the thing I really focused on was making sure that they were keeping their eye on the ball and making contact. Once they both go that down I gave them the task of making 6 as partners. In this lesson they also really like the ghosts that were a tennis ball being held in a plastic bag by a rubber band. This helped Matt a lot because it gave him more to grab on to and make the catch easier.

            I continued the Halloween theme into this lesson so that I could work on bowling and also bring back the catching of the ghost because it really helped Matt with catching. The ghosts became more of reward with Adrianna and Matt than an activity. But with the bowling I had to really break down the skills for both of them so that they could get the proper form to use while bowling. I used poly spots for the foot placement and also used pictures of ghosts on the pins so that they had to throw hard enough to make the ghosts disappear.
            After seeing a bunch of other teachers using the scavenger hunt as an activity I thought of a different spin I could put on it for my students. So what I did to go along with the safari theme I put a bunch of animals as the things we had to find. With the clues I had Adrianna and Matt alternate reading the clues and answering them. In between the different animals I had them skipping, jumping, hoping, or doing bear walks crab walks or a fitness activity once we found the animals. This also gave them information on the animals from the clues and also gave them a chance to work on a few different exercises. 

            Today I only had Adrianna so I changed my plan a lot so that I could use some of the games for the next lab. In this lab she really liked that we were doing a game where she had to learn special awareness by finding the parts of a turkey under cones. She was doing this while being blind folded. The next activity was to work on improving her locomotor skills but if she normally led with her right foot she had to use her left. This also had a fitness component to it when she didn’t find the right letter or the cone was empty she had to do an exercise of her choice.

            Today was a continuation of the Thanksgiving lesson. Matt missed the last class and I really wanted to see how well he could do with the spelling games that I had. I made the game a little easier by having them just find the letters in the correct order as they hung up on the wall. But they had to gallop hop skip and or jump to the turkey. This was a very good activity I think because it shows me more than just their physical but their cognitive of a different class and that being English.

            Today my focus was the volleying of a ball. So I started off with a game to see how many times they can hit a ball in a row without it touching the ground with a racket. With this it was hard to keep Adrianna focused because she wasn’t feeling good. She had been sick and had a head ache all day at school. When we switched over to the beach ball to practice volleying that seemed to help keep Adrianna’s attention more.

            In this lesson I really based it on the winter season with making snowmen after doing the locomotor skills to find the parts under cones. If they didn’t find a part they had to do five jumping jacks. They really liked this because they got to make something out of the game it just wasn’t practicing a skill. I also brought back the wheel chairs as a reward but I also made it so that they had to make a lap around the building in less than 3 minutes. Also in this lab I did a bobsled race which gave them the opportunity to go the fastest way they thought possible on the scooters around the course I had set up.

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