Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Factors that Influence Learning

3. What are the requirements for learning motor skills? What do each of these requirements mean for the teacher of motor skills?

The requirements for learning motor skills are having the prerequisite skills for the the new motor skill, and also the student needs an accurate cognitive understanding of the task at hand. In order for a student to learn how to do a handstand they need to know and understand on how to do a prerequisite skill like a switcharoo which helps them get the feeling of being on their hands but not completely vertical. The teacher will need to be able to complete that skill to a degree that is correct and can perform different levels of the skill to show the kids progressions to the skill being taught. The teacher will also have to be able to motivate the students and show the student how this is a meaningful skill. In order to do this the teacher should change the environment that the students are performing the skill or modify the skill to work on different parts of the skill. The next thing the teacher needs to do is make sure that the students is not only performing the skill correctly but know they are by hearing seeing or actually allowed to do the skill.

4. What is the difference between the way closed skills, open skills, discrete skills, and serial skills should be taught?

Open skills should be taught in many different environments and closed skills should be practiced in repetition. The same goes for serial skills and discrete skills that serial skills should be taught in different environments and discrete skills should be taught in repetition. 

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